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PowerPoint Tips

1. Use PowerPoint Folders
When creating a PowerPoint presentation keep it in its own folder. Include all rich media, graphics and sound files in that folder. That way the

2. Keep It Simple
The more experienced PowerPoint user's become the more they have a tendency to "over do". Avoid intrictate transitions that will distract listeners from what you are saying.

3. Standard Formats
Stick with standard formats

4. Readable Fonts
Use scaleable TrueType fonts that scale when projected. Try not to use non-standard fonts, if you vary too far from the normal viewers may not be able to read your content. Try to stay with SansSerif fonts as they are they easiest for people to read.

Make sure that fonts are viewable from a distant.

5. Contrasting Colors
Font colors should contrast with the background so that the writing on the slide stands out.



PowerPoint Resources

PowerPoint Templates PPT Templates
Huge collection of themed PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds.

PowerPoint Podcasts PowerPoint Podcasting
Software for audio recording and podcasting.

Digital Sound Effects Digital Sound Effects
Large collection of sound effects that can be used in PowerPoint.

Audio Editing Audio Editing
Software for audio recording and podcasting.


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