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The following are PowerPoint add-on applications to expand the capabilities of Microsoft PowerPoint.

SoftShadow - Allows for the creation of Soft Shadows added to any object in PowerPoint.

ColorPicker - Color Picker add-in makes picking and setting your colors a breeze, allowing you to pick colors directly off the screen and automatically setting the Fill, Text, Outline, Shadow or Background colors of selected shapes or slides.

PPT Templates - Large collection of PowerPoint temlates, and backgrounds available individually or via subscription.

moreEDIT - moreEdit allows you to format, edit, collaborate and save your presentations faster and with fewer clicks than ever!

Opazity - PowerPoint plug-in.

RandomSlideShow - Each time the slide show is started, the add-in randomizes the sequence of the slides. Ideal for a memorial, or a remembrance to a loved one, a publicity show for a city or a resort, or a tribute to an artist's work.

Effects Library - Save complex animation settings, then reuse them at any time with the click of a button!!

PowerPoint Templates - Large collections of themed PowerPoint templates.

PowerPlug Video Backgrounds - Presentations with full-screen moving backgrounds!

PowerPlugs Animator - Keep your audiences' attention focused on your key message. Apply professionally produced text and backdrop animation plus supporting sound effects to an entire PowerPoint presentation with just 2 or 3 clicks!

PowerPlugs 3D Titles - 3D Titles lets you add impressive-looking animated 3D title slides to your PowerPoint presentations in seconds. Each volume includes 30 pre-created 3D animations inspired by television and film

PowerPlugs Music - Breathe new life into your presentations with the perfect background music! Affordable annual subscription gives you access to 1,000s of royalty-free music clips. Helpful plugin makes it easy!

PowerPlugs Transitions - Transitions adds sophisticated television-style 3D slide effects to your presentations. Its stunning visual effects and realistic, synchronized sounds are a sure way to keep your audiences' attention and make your message more memorable. The easy-to-use software plugs directly into PowerPoint, enabling you to add 3D animated transitions right from the Slide Show menu.

Presenter - Presenter is a Microsoft PowerPoint Add-in that almost magically transforms lifeless slides into high-impact broadcast-quality rich media.

FixLinks - Checks links.

PowerPoint Development Addons

PFCPro - Combine Microsoft technologies with custom programming to process the media into a format compatible with PowerPoint on Windows PCs. As an added bonus typical file formats like Mpeg and AVI files will be significantly reduced in file size!

PowerPoint Timer - PowerPoint utilities implements a real-time clock that is shown and updated during a slide show. Choices include time-of-day display, elapsed time display, or a countdown timer.

TextBox from File - Add-in displays a randomly selected line from a text file in each slide in a PowerPoint slideshow.

PivotTable - Creation of PivotTables in PowerPoint that the presenter can manipulate in real time.

PPTMerge - Merges data from Excel XLS files, Tab Delimited or Comma Separated Value (CSV) files into individual slides or whole presentations.

PowerPoint Delivery Addons

Send to Publisher - A PowerPoint addin enables you to export Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to Microsoft Publisher for creating publications.

VoxProxy - Add-in that adds Microsoft Agent style animated characters to PowerPoint.

Impatica - Converts entire PowerPoint presentations to Java presentations that can be played on any browser—often file sizes are reduced to as little as 10% of the original size.

Accent Librarian PowerSearch - Add-ins that provide PowerPoint with extensive cataloguing and search capabilities.

PowerShow - A a multi-monitor software that loads in PowerPoint environment as an add-in and introduces the following slide show features in a machine supporting multi-monitor configuration.

Handout Wizard - The Handout Wizard add-in does away with all such limitations. It creates handouts in presentation format. You can edit the output file. You can customize it exactly to your requirement.



PowerPoint Resources

PowerPoint Templates PPT Templates
Huge collection of themed PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds.

PowerPoint Podcasts PowerPoint Podcasting
Software for audio recording and podcasting.

Digital Sound Effects Digital Sound Effects
Large collection of sound effects that can be used in PowerPoint.

Audio Editing Audio Editing
Software for audio recording and podcasting.


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