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Tips to Send a PowerPoint via E-Mail

1.       Send a PowerPoint with Audio via E-mail
Before we go on, we should learn something about how audio works in PowerPoint.

Usually, audio in WAV format will be embedded in PowerPoint while audio in MP3 or other file formats will be linked to PowerPoint. And more, sound files larger than 100 KB (i.e. anything but a short sound effect) will be linked to your presentation rather than embedded in it.

What is the difference between Linked and Embedded? Embedded means that when you move the PPT on your computer or e-mail it, audio will be moved together. When audio is linked, it will be lost if you move the PPT or e-mail it.

Then how to send a PowerPoint always with audio?
For wav audio which is greater than 100 KB, increase the 100 KB default up to 5 MB.
PowerPoint ->Tools -> Options->General (Link sound with file size greater than 5000 KB)

For other audio files
Copy the sound file and the PowerPoint presentation in a same folder (Short path is  recommended) and then reinsert the sound file to PowerPoint. Send the whole folder via E-mail.

2.       More Ways to Insert Audio to PowerPoint
The usually practice to insert audio to PowerPoint is
Insert sound to a slide :
PowerPoint -> Insert (Menu) -> Movies and sounds -> ...

Sometime you have one more option: Insert sound as slide transition
The audio will play as transition and will be embedded to the PowerPoint file. So when you move the presentation file, the music will not be lost.
PowerPoint -> Slide Show -> Slide Transition -> Modify Transition (Right Panel) -> Sound -> Other Sound

3.       Send a PowerPoint with Video via E-mail
Video is always linked to PowerPoint. So you should always to put the video and the PowerPoint presentation to a same folder (Short path is recommended). Insert the video in this folder to PowerPoint.

4.       Send a PowerPoint with Links Files via E-mail
If you have created hyperlinks to other documents to a PowerPoint file, just do not forget to
include linked documents and the presentation in a same folder. Then e-mail the folder.

5.       Send a PowerPoint that Opens Automatically in Mail
Save the PowerPoint presentation with PPS extension rather than with PPT extension.
PowerPoint -> Save as -> PowerPoint Slideshow (pps)

6.       Make Sure File Size Does Not Exceed Limitation
Usually there is a file limit of the recipientí» inbox and mail attachment and you have reduce the file size.
You can zip the PowerPoint as a Package and send the package.
Also you can convert the PowerPoint to flash to reduce file size.
Click to learn how you can do the conversion:

Or you can reduce the file size manually



7.       All Receipts View the PowerPoint Presentation
To view the PowerPoint presentation, your recipients must have the full version of PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer or Open Office Impress.
You can provide download links for your recipients in the mail.

Download Free PowerPoint Viewer

Download Open Office Impress


8.       View a PowerPoint Presentation without PowerPoint / PowerPoint Viewer/Open Office
If the mail recipient is a Mac user and if you think it may cause inconvenience to ask the recipient to download a viewer, you may try this alternative: Convert PowerPoint to Flash.
Click to learn how you can do the conversion

Or use this alternative
ú║ Save your PowerPoint as a html page
This is simple but the transitions, animations or other multimedia may not be correctly played in the webpage with a web browser.
But it is worth of a try. PowerPoint -> Save As-> Web Page

9.       Send a Protected a PowerPoint File
When you send a PowerPoint to others, you want the content not to be copied at will. So you need to set password to protect the file. So that viewers can only open a Read-only version.
PowerPoint ->Tools -> Options->Security 

10.   Send a PowerPoint presentation for Review/as Attachment

Usually you send a PowerPoint as an attachment. If you want to collect feedback for the presentation from recipients, you can use the Send a PowerPoint for Review feature.
PowerPoint -> File-> Send To ->Mail Recipient for Review

Kingmarsh is a technology freelance writer. He specializes in the learning and training for productivity improvement field and in integrating advances in business productivity with the retention of key employees. http://wondershare.blogspot.com




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