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What are the uses and features of Microsoft PowerPoint?

Powerpoint is a very powerful program used to create and manipulate slideshows. It is commonly used in advertising because of its wide range of visual effects.

It's very easy to get started with Powerpoint by using the help file with the program.

It is not hard to create a very simple powerpoint presentation with text and some graphics. When you start to get better, the more powerful features are very useful. These include the slide master, which allows you to modify aspects of every slide including global copy/paste, custom animation schemes, slide transitions, background effects and interactive powerpoints with a system of links and buttons, where the user chooses options.

Interactive powerpoints have anything from a button to move to the next slide to a full compliment of hyperlinks that function like a nested website.



PowerPoint Resources

PowerPoint Templates PPT Templates
Huge collection of themed PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds.

PowerPoint Podcasts PowerPoint Podcasting
Software for audio recording and podcasting.

Digital Sound Effects Digital Sound Effects
Large collection of sound effects that can be used in PowerPoint.

Audio Editing Audio Editing
Software for audio recording and podcasting.


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