7 Ways to Prepare a Good PowerPoint Presentation

here are Powerpoint presentations, and there are good Powerpoint presentations. The difference between the two is huge and extremely important. Only the good ones are remembered, reused, shared, stored, and effective.

But what are the things to keep in mind on how to make Powerpoint presentations?

1. Settle for consistent and uniform Powerpoint templates.
You may be tempted to make use of different template designs all throughout the presentation. Though this appears to be cool and perhaps your method of being creative, it does not really add much to the impact you want to give to your presentation. What’s more, they are often viewed as unprofessional or un-businesslike. Just choose one of the many Powerpoint templates that you can find and apply it to all your slides. You can compensate the uniformity by the design of your fonts or the position of the holders.

2. Follow the 6-line rule.
You basically do not want to bore or confuse your listeners with too many texts. Besides, the main purpose of your Powerpoint presentation is to highlight important points. To keep things simple and right on the spot, limit the number of lines and words in every slide. The suggested one is to create 6 lines with 6 words each.

3. Make sure your texts and images are clear.
Powerpoint templates should complement the images and texts that you are going to utilize. Thus, if your font is black, you can go for lighter shades, such as white, yellow, or light blue. If your image is yellow, ensure that your template designs are of different shade unless you want to make the photo or graphics appear to be floating on the screen.

4. Simplicity is beauty.
You are definitely entitled to adding a little bit of creativity into your Powerpoint presentations, especially in your template designs and other add-ons. However, you have to put a limit to their use. You do not want to drive away the attention of your listeners to something else.

5. Limit the slides.
Too much flipping to the different slides can sometimes be too annoying. The rule of thumb is to create a slide that is good for a minute talk. Just so you can talk a lot of things with a single slide, add charts, tables, and graphs.

6. Present information in bullet points.
Bullet or list form is very much encouraged if you are going to write articles, simply because it makes your copy very easy to read, and you can jump from one idea to another. It also allows easier absorption of main ideas. The same benefits are what you are going to get if you apply the same method to your presentation.

7. Check your grammar and spelling.
In the end, better make sure that you will never lose your credibility by checking and double-checking your spelling and grammar. Your Powerpoint presentation can only do so much. If you do not want to end the laughing stock, find time to scrutinize every slide.