7 Ways to Prepare a Good PowerPoint Presentation

here are Powerpoint presentations, and there are good Powerpoint presentations. The difference between the two is huge and extremely important. Only the good ones are remembered, reused, shared, stored, and effective. But what are the things to keep in mind on how to make Powerpoint presentations? 1. Settle for consistent and uniform Powerpoint templates. You […]

PowerPoint Presentations Do’s and Don’ts

When PowerPoint became a tool for today’s speakers, workshop leaders, and presenters, we all rejoiced. It was the end of the slideshow era. Unfortunately, we moved from boring slideshows to boring PowerPoint presentations. Whether you are using PowerPoint or a fancy video program, the purpose of your audio visual is to punctuate your presentation. It […]

7 PowerPoint Mistakes You should Avoid

Microsoft PowerPoint is the software of choice for many when it comes to making a presentation before students, employees, project team members and the like. As with other similar presentation packages, it offers many useful features and functions. The downside is that in all too many presentations, the technology takes center stage, shunting the presenter […]